“Foo Fighters: Back and Forth” documentary received the 2012 Grammy, DI by ROUSH Media

ROUSH Media’s latest documentary project Foo Fighters: Back and Forth received the 2012 Grammy for Best Long Form Music Video.  Foo Fighters: Back and Forth, directed by Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy winner Director James Moll, looks into the 16 year history of the band Foo Fighters and encompasses excellent direction, storytelling and a distinct look like no other documentary.  Keith Roush, Senior DI Colorist at ROUSH Media, provided color grading and restoration of the archive footage for the documentary on Image System’s Nucoda Film Master. The “music video” look that was set for the band’s interviews came about in conversations during the DI sessions between James, and Keith.  The music video rock and roll look was achieved by creating deep rich blacks, with a soft sliver like glow  for the skin and highlights.

ROUSH Media also provided the up-conversion and restoration of the archival footage from many various tape and digital formats, including  ¾”, VHS, Hi8, DVD, Beta SP and DigiBeta. Using our Nucoda DVO image processing algorithms we up-rezzed and frame rate converted the footage, removed unwanted video noise, drop outs, and other artifacts that have accumulated over time within the footage. This further polished the film to restore 80’s and 90’s home video and MTV footage to the current HD standards audiences have come to expect.


Once the final grade and image restoration was complete we created the Digital Cinema Package and other deliverables for the various Theatrical and TV Versions.