DIY Color Grading Service for Independent Films

Off-Line / On-Line Color Grading? A new service for Colorists & Indie Films

ROUSH Media has just announced a new service they are providing at their DI boutique post facility in Burbank, CA–integrating the idea of offline/online editing to color grading and finishing. ROUSH Media seeks to give freelance colorists and indie filmmakers a facility to call home with the full support of their engineering  staff so colorists can do what they do best–color grade. For the savvy independent DIY filmmaker these color services are a perfect blend of the full service DI facility support and the cost saving of the DIY filmmaker.

This service provides colorists with the option of choosing between two color grading platforms, the Nucoda Film Master and panel or the DaVinci Resolve with Black Magic’s grading panel. Both are offered in the DI Theater and grading suites. The theater is equipped with a state-of-the-art 4K Barco projector for monitoring in P3 color space, and the calibration is checked before each session to maintain the highest standards.

For clients, this will provide cost savings and increased attention to detail while boosting the quality standards for Indie projects. The amount of time colorists can give to a project is usually limited by the budget. If colorists are able to use a low cost suite to do much of the color grading in and then move into the large DI theater for a final trim pass for mastering, higher quality work can be done within the same limited budget.

Besides the colorist and system, the monitoring is the most important piece of technology in the room. Lower cost monitors often introduce problems that may or may not be in the footage itself, such as banding, noise, poor shadow detail, aliasing, color calibration problems, and more.

Having a complete color grading environment with calibrated monitoring, scopes, and a color management system is an ideal working atmosphere for colorists and their clients. This provides peace of mind knowing that what they see is what they get when using ROUSH Media’s engineering & color science.

For freelance colorists who work at home or remotely, this service allows colorists to hold client sessions with ease while having the option of using the staff at Roush Media in areas such as media management, conform, color space and Luts management, and deliverables.  ROUSH Media’s Senior Colorist is also available to collaborate on the project for whatever may be needed.

Services Offered:

  • Resolve Offline Grading at home or in a low cost suite
  • Hold a session with your client in a professional color grading environment
  • Use our state-of-the-art 30 seat S3D, 4K Barco Theater for final grade
  • Check for look of final film or DCI Mastering in the DI theater
  • Use our Calibration & LUTs for your Color Management
  • Let us take care of your conform and/or Deliverables
  • Cost effective: includes the full support of our systems and staff

No matter what the budget is, ROUSH Media is there to help you exceed your client’s expectations with the full support of a top DI Post Production Facility. So don’t get lost in the dark!  Quality control your image in the perfect grading environment!