HDCAM SR Mastering

When you need to master your project to HDCAM SR or other format allow us to help you do it right the first time at great rates.


HDCAM SR tapes hold images at a resolution of 1920×1080 and the typical frame rates are 23.98psf, 25psf, 50i, and 59.94i. Color space choices are RGB 4:4:4 or YUV 4:2:2 and will vary depending on the end use and source material. This format has 12 channels of audio which allows you to place  your discreet 5.1, Lt-Rt, M&E and anything else you might need. These choices coupled with the best picture quality available on tape is why HDCAM SR is the current industry standard for distribution of your film or TV program.


We can master and QC this format from just about any file based digital format. Typical source files are QuickTime ProRes HQ & 444, uncompressed 10bit, & DPX image sequence files.


From your drive and we will load your media into our high speed fibre channel connected SAN (RoushSAN) and perform a series of checks and setup procedures. Some of the checks are to format bars, tone, slate, audio channel assignment, timecode format the tape, ensure the correct color space for the files, and check the video and audio levels to meet with the SMPTE specification. This is all done to insure the master is good before it is made. Then we do a spot check of the tape to verify the integrity of the mastered program. Optionally we can provide a full written Quality Control (QC) Report of the master where a trained QC Operator views every frame in multiple passes to alert you to any potential issues that may arise. We will explain to you in plain English what, if any, issues there are.


Systems that we employ for output are DVS, AJA Kona, Black Magic, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Nucoda, & Da Vinci Resolve.


*Up, Down, & Cross Conversions, Clones or Dubs and Masters
*Pan & Scan Masters in many aspect ratios (2.35, 1.78, 1.33..)
*Subtitle Encoding & Closed Captioning available in both Hi-Definition & Standard Definition
*100% Quality Control with Complete QC Reports
*Reel Compilations, Screener Versions, Cutdowns, Slates, Pulled Blacks, Audio Laybacks, and Changes to Credits
*File based transfers to any specified file format on hard drive for picture and sound