Roush Media’s Summer BBQ and 4K Workflow Demo Recap!

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Thank You for all of those who attended Roush Media’s BBQ and 4K workflow demo! The event was a success, it was a beautiful summer day and we could not have done it without your support.

In case you missed it, here is the recap. Everyone enjoyed a nice sit-down BBQ on fine china and a full bar with chocolate brownies that were out of this world. Meanwhile our staff offered tours of our facility and demos of our new On-Set Dailies System and DI Technology. The big demo of the event was the live shoot showing 4K RAW images captured from the Sony F55 Camera and taking those files into a full post workflow. Jody Eldred, an Emmy award winner &  DGA nominee, was the DP for the event  shooting  a mock BMW car commercial. He composed a scene, shot amazing footage, and gave a very informative presentation about the Sony F55 camera. After Jody finished with his shoot the footage was transferred onto Roush Media’s On-Set Dailies System for a same day review of color graded iPad dailies.  Let me just note that this was all happening live! Once the dailies were loaded we invited our guests into our 4K Digital Intermediate theater to color grade the footage they saw being captured moments before in real-time at 4K.  A stellar presentation about the color and data workflows they witnessed was presented by Roush Media’s Senior Colorist and Founder Keith Roush.  For more information about our On-Set Dailies System download Roush Media’s On-Set Dailies Information Document here. And also feel free to download Roush Media’s DI Color Information Document here.

We enjoyed our time at the event and it was great to catch up with a lot of you! Follow us on facebook / twitter for news about upcoming events, new workflows and much more.

Stay tuned because you never know what Roush Media will be doing next!


The Creative Team at Roush Media


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