ROUSH Media Masters all films to DCPs for the 168 Film Festival

For the FIRST TIME EVER Roush Media has made it possible for the 168 Film Festival to project all the 50+ films from Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) !

” We are proud to sponsor and provide these mastering services for the filmmakers and the 168 film festival alike.This will provide the best audience viewing experience yet ”  Says Keith Roush, CEO.

ROUSH MEDIA, is an entertainment technology services company providing digital film services for features films specializing DI Color Grading, Mastering and Deliverables. As a top DI post facility, providing Impressive Color grading,  DONE RIGHT is what they are know for.

Roush Media has always been a respected DI color grading facility among its peers. Some of the top faith, family filmmakers and films trust ROUSH Media to craft stunning results the first time.  (God’s not Dead, War Room, Mom’s Night Out, Beyond the Mask, Old fashioned, Faith our our fathers…)

As a proud sponsor of the 168 Film Project ROUSH Media will be continuing the tradition of awarding three $1,000 gift certificates to the Best EditorCinematographer and Film. The certificates will cover Post-Production services including Dailies, Conform, DI Color Grading, Digital Cinema Mastering, and Screening Room Rentals, and more.

The 168 Film Project is a faith friendly, values-friendly practicum for artists focused on the media. 168 provides a proving ground for filmmakers, writers, actors and all interested in creating stories for popular culture.

More than an international short film competition, “168” asks deep questions. Whether subtle, or bold in message, “168” stories change lives and help to redefine the genre in terms of quality and inspirational message.

Please understand that taking story from scripture does not mean you must make the next Jesus movie. It’s all about having a certain message and delivering it to your audience. To do well in 168, artists must make compelling entertainment. Pop culture needn’t be at odds with faith-based, faith-friendly or values entertainment.  We value all three.

At ROUSH Media we are proud to support the vision of Christian Filmmakers.

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The festival runs 8-29 & 8-30 2015