War Room DI WorkFlow

ROUSH Media recently had the pleasure to complete the 4K Digital Intermediate & Mastering on the new feature film that is taking the world by storm War Room. It has now reached 67+ million at the box office. Pushing Straight Outta Compton out of its top spot on its 2nd weekend  bringing it to #1 at the box office.

It all started when Director, Alex Kendrick and his team sent to Keith Roush A screener of the film &  then discussed the look. War Room was one of Keith Roush’s favorite films to color grade.” It is such beautifully emotional  impacting story, the images need to match the the story. Alex wanted a warm lush beautiful look with rich skin tones.”    Shot on the RED Epic ROUSH’s team conformed the film in it native 4 or 5K  on our Nucoda System and processed the RAW images with Roush’s  proprietary Debayer and Color pipeline.

Alex Kendrick had a certain vision that he wanted to get across to his viewers. The vision that he had was a very warm summer luscious feel. He wanted the look of the film to match the emotional arks of the story that he was trying to present his viewers.

Keith felt personally connected to the story  and wanted to make sure the audience would experience the story visually as well.  From warm lush greens, to rich and creamy dark skin, to turning  the brown trees into green ones or taking cloudy gray to sky baby blue. This is what we call digital intermediate color grading.

War Room was such a pleasure for Keith to color grade because it allowed him to use his artistic talent to impact viewers on such a great film. He felt like he was painting in colors that were not there and making a raw image turn into something wonderful and amazing.

If you still haven’t seen the film now is the time to go. You definitely will not regret it.

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