Lionsgate’s latest release “Norm of the North” Hits Theaters on time with the help of ROUSH Media

ROUSH Media’s creative and technical teams provided the complete finishing and mastering for this fun animated feature in record speed. This included Conform, DI Color grading, and Digital Cinema Mastering for the theatrical and home video versions.

This project was a global collaboration and was on a very tight deadline. New versions of the edit and new shots were delivered electronically from overseas via Aspera transfers while the color and conform session was taking place. Turnaround time for new conforms and DCP masters occurred within hours, not days.

Doing the DI color grade on a theatrical animated feature at the highest levels and delivering across different color spaces while maintaining the creative intent is a unique challenge. Unlike live action films, animation has everything from the rich saturated colors to whites of the snow. These image characteristics must be properly dealt with. ROUSH Media has the expertise and infrastructure needed to handle such a task.

Tim Archer, the Post Supervisor, said “Keith and his team went above and beyond on the color and final delivery for Norm. He has empowered his team to make the creative and technical process very smooth. They all cared about our project and went out of the way to deliver.”


They delivered for us and they’ll deliver for you!

Roush’s dedicated team of Post Professionals handled Norm of the North’s challenging workflow, schedule and budget with a smile. They delivered for us and they’ll deliver for you. I’ll be posting more projects there in the near future.
Way to go Keith and team!

Post-Production Supervisor
Norm of the North


“I’m glad we were able to help our friends from Splash Entertainment and Lionsgate with an impressive color grade, done right,” said Keith Roush.