ROUSH Media Shoves Elephant Through a Stir Straw.

At ROUSH Media, the sources and 4K color graded masters we work with are elephant-sized, where a single frame can be 36+ Megabytes. In order to collaborate with our clients and make deliveries, the digital media files we deal with every single day are securely and quickly transmitted over fiber around the world through Aspera High-Speed File Transfer Service. “We chose Aspera because it is the leader in speed, security and cost savings for our clients. Digital media content capture and delivery requirements are only getting bigger, so we built ROUSH Media’s new facility in the heart of Burbank’s media hub to handle content creators’ big media,” said Keith Roush, Senior Colorist and CEO of ROUSH Media.

Recently working with the large animation files on a deadline for Lionsgate animated feature “Norm of the North,” transferring files from overseas was no problem. “Being on a deadline knowing we could receive new shots to conform at the last minute while the color sessions were happening was necessary to meet the delivery schedule. We also knew files would get there securely and with the care and love we’d put into them.”

ROUSH Media uses Aspera because it aligns with our philosophy of quality, trust and experience. It has a cost, but the savings outweigh it in terms of shipping costs, time savings, and unexpected delays with customs and fees. We’d rather see your money put on the big screen, not in shipping and waiting for unsecure hard drives.

From Burbank to Mumbai, Bangkok, Brooklyn, or Beijing, ROUSH Media can color, manage and transfer your digital content within hours NOT days.