4K Theater DCI Screening Room in Burbank

Screen or Quality Control & master your film in our private DI Screening Room. Playback from any format on our state of the art 4K  Projector.  Your film will never look better!

  • Seats up to 34 People.
  • Any format supported, DCP, QuickTime, HDCAM SR tape, Avid, FCP, Resolve project….
  • 5.1 Dolby sound system.
  • 3D DCP’s
  • Large 20 foot Screen, color calibrated for any color space ( Rec.709, P3, DCI XYZ…)


  • VFX Review
  • DCP Quality Control  QC
  • DI Color Grading & more

Please call us and ask about our evening screening events, availability and rates.

Call ROUSH Media at 818-559-8648 to schedule a screening.