Roush Media 2.0

Roush Media has always been a respected color grading facility among its peers.  As one of the best kept secrets in feature film DI, we have always been cutting edge, such as building one of the first 4K Barco DI theaters.  Keith Roush our Sr. Colorist received an 2015 HPA Awards nomination for best feature film color grading. We are also known for bringing cost-efficient and innovative workflows for high quality finishing.


Now we bring you Roush Media 2.0, starting with our wonderful new additions to our staff:

Schy Gleason: Executive Producer

Schy Gleason brings his fifteen plus years of post-production success to Roush Media. Schy’s real world experience in major films and top television shows gives him in-depth knowledge of the entire process. “Roush Media is quality-focused and on the technological forefront of the media industry,” says Schy Gleason. “As Executive Producer at Roush Media, I’m excited to help people get the most out of their vision with the color, finish, DI, and deliverables needs that are done here.”

Hugo shih : Engineering/Conform Artist


Our fibre-connected, IT-Centric, file-based facility is state-of-the-art in every way. In preparing for the future of post, we have three multipurpose 4K TV grading suites with Nucoda and DaVinci Resolve systems, and a large theater with a 4K Barco projector. Our suites are available with our talented roster of artists or as a suite only. Each suite can serve as a finishing edit bay, color suite, 4K-screening room, QC suite, and more. The theater can be used for theatrical DI color sessions, screenings, DCP QC, events, and more.

We believe in better pixels & more pixels in that order. We embrace new technologies like HDR and 4K. We take the art of color seriously and spare no expense or effort to get it right.  We have been mastering DCPs for years and are now adding IMF. If you’re new to IMF, it is becoming the preferred UHD master for companies like Netflix.

Here at Roush Media, every project is different, and we treat each project with the attention and care it deserves. We are artists first, driven to use the best technology & science to give your project impressive color, done right. We are proud that we are not a corporate-owned facility. And let’s not forget about our wonderful staff which goes above and beyond your expectations to provide you with the best quality and creative work.