Now offering 4k HDR color grading & mastering

ROUSH Media is now mastering HDR10 and Dolby Vision for streaming services.

4K HDR has improved picture quality with enhanced dynamic range and a wider color gamut. This new master and deliverable can open more distribution options as HDR content is in high demand from the streaming services like Netflix & Amazon. The images will blow you away. It’s like Dolby Atmos for picture.

Image matters and Quality counts. That is why we both care about HDR (HIGH Dynamic Range) and once you see it you will too.

Cameras have been able to capture high dynamic range color for a long time including film negative stock.  Our ability to see all of it at one time was not possible till now. Our Sony BVM x300 monitor can show 10 times the amount of light of a standard r.709 monitor

The new suite also features our new DI system  &  our most powerful color system yet, capable of working in 8K!

“4K HDR is a much bigger & better canvas for your colorist to paint your pictures onto. Now we can make your pixels better not just bigger. This all leads to  creating the best audience experience we can. ” Keith Roush
Schedule a visit to us so you can see first hand this amazing technology and new creative palette you can use for your next project.