While we work with an array of media and genres, stunning images is our business. From subtle to bold and extreme looks, we know how to polish your diamond to shine like you have always dreamed. Our work speaks for itself.  We invite you to review our reel & credits. Then take a look at what our clients say. They tell it best.

tell me your name poster

“WOW” what a job you guys did…It POP’ED!!!.

“We just screened the Movie with some friends in the industry and once again “WOW” what a job you guys did. People that have seen the movie before the color correction just ranted and raved about how well you guys did and how amazing the color is in the film. It POP’ED!!!.

We watched it on a HUGE theater screen… and man…. I had to call and tell you once again that you guys are awesome at what you do and it is much appreciated man! Making it look so good!

We’re so excited to get it out there for everybody to see. Thanks again my man”.

JASON DeVan, Writer-Director – “TELL ME YOUR NAME”

…they’ve surpassed expectations every time.

I’ve now worked with Roush to finish several projects and have been amazed at how they’ve surpassed expectations every time. Keith is the best, both technically and creatively.

 Director | Writer | Producer – Robert Kirbyson

Wraith Poster

Working at Roush Media was a dream come true.

Working at Roush Media was a dream come true.  We not only got a top notch professional look to our film but made friends as well.  Keith and Schy definitely went the extra mile for us. And I cannot say enough about the technicians in the “back room.” All great. We couldn’t have been in better hands. If you are at all serious about how your film looks, make Roush your destination for visual effects, color grading, and deliverables.
– Michael Sajbel, Director, “Wraith”

Michael Sajbel

The highest talent made our movie the best it can be

From the first day working with Roush Media, it felt like we were among experts and also friends.

At Roush Media, working with the latest in technology and the highest talent made our movie the best it can be.
Thanks to all the team for your invaluable insight, your collaborative nature, and your can-do spirit.
Antonio Mata, DP, Wraith

Kings Of Con PIc

We know you guys went above and beyond… Thanks

“We always appreciate it when people are able to make it work within our budget, especially when it’s super tight, we know you guys went above and beyond on this one for us. Thanks” – Tina Densmore – Producer, KINGS OF CON


Roush delivered a very cinematic and rich color pallet

“Keith Roush and his team were a delight to work with on Champion. I can not say enough kind words about Keith’s ability with color grading and his professional and servant-hearted attitude. Roush delivered a very cinematic and rich color pallet for Champion, all while working within the constraints of our budget. I look forward to working with them on future projects!”

Judd Brannon
Producer DirectorCHAMPION

sisters poster

NO ONE has been as professional, easy to work with, and all around great people as you

I can’t thank the team at Roush enough for everything you have done for us and this project. Of everyone we have dealt with on this movie, through the entire process from beginning to end… NO ONE has been as professional, easy to work with, and all around great people as you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Todd M. Camhe
Producer, Sisters

NormOfTheNorth 02

They delivered for us and they’ll deliver for you!

Roush”s dedicated team of Post Professionals handled Norm of the North’s challenging workflow, schedule and budget with a smile. They delivered for us and they’ll deliver for you. I’ll be posting more projects there in the near future.
Way to go Keith and team!

Tim Archer
Post-Production SupervisorNorm of the North


They Knocked it out of the Park! Roush is reason it looks as good as it does.

Alex Kendrick
DirectorWar Room

Lady of Csejte

Best DI Post House

It was truly a treat working with the team at ROUSH media.  Keith Roush’s skills as a colorist and understanding of the client’s needs surpasses those of many in this business. We chose Roush Media for Digital Intermediate color grading and mastering processing of our film, Lady Bathory. Keith and his team provided a top-notch professional environment. Their collaboration was truly creative, added to my vision for the film.  They provided excellent customer service and genuinely cared for my needs, wants and budget. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!


Nominated, HPA Awards

Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film

Keith Roush of Roush Media


Andrei Konst
Director, Lady of Csejte

#1 on my list

ROUSH Media is definitely #1 on my list as MY favorite place to post in LA.

Deborah Brock
Film Finances Inc.

littleman poster

The best post house for ANY project.

Roush Media, is hands down, the best post production house for ANY project.   However, they are extremely attractive to lower budget productions because we need to use our money wisely, and Keith Roush knows how to make every last dollar work to make your production values look the best they can be.  Not only is Keith and company wonderful at keeping costs under control, they are exceptional educators.  Keith personally colored my 12 time Best Documentary, little man, and I could not have been more happy.  I cannot recommend this company highly enough, and, in fact, am ready to return with my next feature.

Nicole Conn


Saved me thousands on my DCP

When I was searching for a company to do my digital cinema mastering for the theatrical release of my latest film I was really nervous. This was new to me so I asked around for a company that would walk me through the process while at the same time give me the best DCP for some of the largest screens in America. I contacted one of the biggest facilities to see if they could do the DCP for my film. I was quoted 5,000 dollars to do the DCP and after I sent the film I was told that they could not do it because my frame rate was 30 and need to be 24. My DP on the project then recommended Roush Media because they could do a frame rate conversion too. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for taking his advice. They basically held my hand through the entire process helping me to provide the right files that saved me thousands of dollars and avoided the frame rate conversion. Roush Media not only delivered a great looking DCP on time and for a great price but took the time to listen to me whereas the big facilities did not.! I will definitely use Roush Media on my next project

Steven Scaffidi
Executive Producer, Ghost Rider Pictures

lost in Hustle

The best care and customer service imaginable

Roush Media gave the best care and customer service imaginable on our DCP Mastering. Our feature film, Lost In Hustle had a cinematic release date in South America just days before we found Roush. They discussed technical issues fully with incredible detail to be certain we were all on the same page. They were kind, generous and met our rush deadline which overlapped a holiday weekend with professional and friendly service that is hard to come by. They did a fantastic job and our Lost in Hustle premiere was a great success. We plan to work with no one else but Roush media on our future projects.


Didier Chabi
Filmmaker, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2169537/


Roush Media was the wisest choice we could have made

Our first stop at Roush Media’s door turned out to be a memorable one; the group handled the Digital Cinema Package encoding on our new feature, as well as BluRay authoring and also some color  work on a second project.

Each stage of service far surpassed our expectations, and we were doubly impressed with, not only their expressed dedication to detail, but also their commitment to go the extra mile for us in offering options and cost-saving alternatives.

As a small independent studio trying to maintain ourselves in the open marketplace, contacting Roush Media was the wisest choice we could have made. We look forward to partnering with them again.

Jefferson and Kelly Moore
Director / Producer, Kelly's Filmworks Limited


Exceeded Our Expectation

“It was truly a pleasure working with senior colorist Keith Roush at ROUSH Media.  His skills surpass those of many in this business and he was an irreplaceable asset to our production.  We chose ROUSH Media for the final coloring and processing of our film, Mother of Normandy, for several reasons. But the most important reason we chose them was for the amazing film restoration tools they have. We had lots of old war footage, PAL footage, 16mm, 4×3 and 16×9 formats that were badly damaged.  Roush Media delivered everything they promised. Not only did they do an outstanding job of coloring our film, but they did an amazing job of restoring our film elements and in some cases making them look even better than they were originally shot.  It was well worth the price.  So, if you want your film finished right, then you must use ROUSH Media…Period.”

Tim Lowry
Co-Producer and Post Production SupervisorMother of Normandy


They truly care about you

“Keith and his entire team at ROUSH Media are tireless, creative people who are not only experts in their field, but genuinely care for their clients as if they are friends– which if they aren’t already, they certainly become! Cutting-edge technology, not afraid to try the newest/latest, and often embracing emerging technologies to ensure the greatest results. No task is too challenging, no project too large or too small. They will find a way to get it done on your time table, in excellent form, and with extremely fair pricing. That’s why I’ve come to ROUSH with projects large and small, from corporate projects with Sony and Apple, to faith-based videos encouraging volunteers to help out with Hurricane Katrina relief, and an hour network TV special. These projects–all in hi def–have been made much better than they otherwise would have been as a direct result of Keith and his talented, caring team. Their prices are extremely fair and competitive, and their recently redesigned facility with their 4K and 3D theater is incredible.Keith is a gifted Colorist, and ROUSH Media can handle anything you bring to them. A terrific boutique operation but without the Hollywood boutique snobbishness and costs! I recommend them frequently and heartily. You are in very good hands with ROUSH Media.”


National Emmy Winner
DGA Nominated Director
Miracles of the Passion

Jody Eldred

Their services are unmatched

ROUSH Media is the most professional post-production company we’ve ever worked with. Their services are top-notch and Keith Roush’s technical knowledge is incredible. On every project, he checks other people’s work to ensure the quality of the product but also takes the time to explain in detail why something needs to be done a certain way. We will continue to work with ROUSH Media because their services are unmatched.

Eric Dickinger
Sales and Acquisitions Coordinator, EBS World Entertainment