ROUSH Media is pleased to provide high quality post production services equal to that of large facilities at discounted rates. We care about our clients and their projects like they are our own. Our facility and services incorporate the latest technology and use of top creative talent to create stunning images and put value on the screen. ROUSH Media prides itself in giving each project individual and specialized attention. Let our staff use our advanced technology and years of experience to provide you superior quality, service and value. Your vision and full satisfaction is our company mission.


Digital Intermediate (DI) Color Grading

The DI color grading process is much more than just taking an image into a color corrector and changing it. Beyond simple color correction is DI color grading.  It is part art and part science. It takes a team of talented artists, engineers and scientists.  We have developed our color workflows to use both an ACES and our  proprietary scene referred color system. This is key to understanding what differentiates us. This is necessary for creating outstanding color across all viewing platforms, now and for the future.

At Roush Media, 4K DI is what we do. The process starts with the conform, including retimes, opticals, and color management. Then look development begins, followed by color enhancement, image texture, beauty work and more. Our services incorporate the latest technology and use of top creative talent to create stunning images. We develop the best image science processes through research and testing. The workflows we engineer are innovative and efficient while maintaining the highest quality in image fidelity.

We manage the image from on-set acquisition to theater delivery. We care about our clients and handle their projects as if they were our own. We are more than a typical post facility, but rather a post partner. At Roush Media we take color very seriously. So, if you want your film’s image to have impressive color–done right–we are your facility of choice. Your creative vision is our company mission. 

Some Key Roush Media differences

  • Artist-owned boutique that is not bottom-line focused, but rather client & project focused
  • Specialization in efficient, data centric, file-based camera workflows for DI finishing
  • Direct Access to your team of talented and friendly artists that are working on your project and not multiple levels of sales people
  • We use the best technology for the project at any price. No compromises!
  • An accessible staff & comfortable creative environment where you will not get lost, but can ask questions and collaborate with your team of artists
  • All Quality Control standards for calibration and engineering are met or exceeded (will your DI facility show you a calibration report done that day? We do.)
  • State-of-the-Art 4K Barco Projector in our DCI-compliant DI theater
  • Proprietary RAW Image workflow finishing techniques used for better image processing & enriched images
  • Use of ACES Color Science & a proprietary scene referred color system for Digital Intermediate
  • Digital Vision’s DVO noise & grain management, sharpening and  image processing included as part of the DI process.
  • In house Post Supervisor / DI Producer to keep project on time and on budget.
  • Unbeatable value
  • 20+  years and hundreds of projects of experience
  • The best guarantee in the industry–100% satisfaction or your money back

Visual Effects

Visual Effects in your project are as critical as color and audio. ROUSH Media is the hub that brings all these disciplines together.

VFX are there to be in service to the story and are best when not seen. That “unseen” shot comes from a team of talented and experienced artists, engineers and supervisors. Our pursuit of the highest quality drives our philosophy. Combining the creative DI color grade and VFX process allows a deeper level of integration to fulfill your detailed creative vision. ROUSH Media utilizes “A” level artists while controlling cost through efficiency.

ROUSH Media has the VFX pipeline in place to utilize a team of uniquely skilled artists from around the world. We oversee every detail and give the client one point of contact. From spotting the film with a supervisor to the final review and approval in our large theater, ROUSH Media takes care of it all.

Whether it’s full CG shot replacement or minor paint out, to motion graphics titles and end credits, we can help you make your VISUAL EFFECTS reality.









Mastering & Deliverables

When the editing, conform, Color and mastering of your film or television project is complete,  we will take care of the rest to deliver all the various versions, files, and tapes for your distributor/studio. What ever you needed just send us  your delivery schedule and we will give you a quote.

Save money, deal with less hassle. All our work is 100% guaranteed, and QC’ed


D-Cinema (DCP,DCDM)
DCP Distribution
Encoding, Transcoding & Mastering Files
High speed file transfers (Aspera)
Standards & format Conversions
Adaptoin & versioning
Technical Evaluations (QC)
LTO Archives
Tape Masters ( HDCAM SR )
DVD, Blu-Rays Disks
Pan & Scaning
Closed Caption & Subtitles, CCSL

Reel Compilations, Screener Versions, Cutdowns, Slates, Pulled Blacks, Audio Laybacks, and Changes to Credits

digital cinema package

Digital Cinema Mastering

Digital Cinema Mastering DCP’s  for distributors, theatrical distribution to cinemas, festivals, & red carpet premieres.

When Mastered for Digital Cinema, your film will take the form of a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Your DCP is like a digital film print and is used for worldwide digital theatrical distribution. Your Digital Cinema Master can be created from any number of formats, such as HDCAM SR, QuickTime, and DPX, DCDM Tiff  files at 2k, 4k, & 3D stereoscopic files. Our colorists will manage the color space conversions necessary and apply the necessary LUTs to transfer your film from its source to DCI-compliant XYZ and QC the image in our theater. In addition, DCP’s can be encoded with encryption. When an encrypted DCP is finished we also generate Key Delivery Messages (KDM’s) which allow specific D-Cinema Servers to play your film for a specified amount of time. This is protects your film by keeping theaters from showing it without your permission.

From trailers to feature films, from one screen to hundreds, allow our Digital Cinema Mastering services to create the best quality experience for your audience so they see your film as you intended-on the big screen.

  • Format conversion from virtually any source material to Digital Cinema compliant SMPTE or InterOP DCP
  • 2K, 4K and 3D DCP’s
  • Highest quality colorspace conversion and encoding from source material to the DCI-mandated XYZ colorspace Jpeg 2000 DCP
  • Full QC of the DCP in a DCI compliant theater
  • Ship directly to Theaters with our CRU DCI compliant or our custom drive package with pelican case.
  • Full compliance with  the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences specifications for qualifying for an Academy Award.
  • Features, trailers, short films and alternative content can be mastered
  • KDM generation and management
  • Rush fast turnaround services can be done in as little as 1 day.

Send us a hard drive with your media and we will take care of the rest. With our rush fast turnaround services your DCP can be done in as little as 1 day.

Tech specs for material delivery 



File-based workflows have created a paradigm shift in the post-production world. If utilized correctly, the time, cost, and creative benefits can be great. With the support of the post house, the process of acquiring image data, managing color, archiving, processing, and distributing to the various departments realizes efficiencies that weren’t previously possible. They allow for more collaborative workflows, and amplify flexibility in post. These processes will be sure to cut costs and increase creative control of the production.

ROUSH Media’s On-Set/Near-Set Dailies Systems do just that! They provide efficient data and color management workflows from acquisition to delivery. Today’s high-end Digital Cinema camera systems provide many different acquisition formats, resolutions, and color spaces. Our On-Set Dailies System carries the Director and DP’s creative intent from set to final color grade. Everyone can receive same day, sound synced, color graded dailies–but it doesn’t stop there! Editorial will receive exactly what they need: the director’s notes for scene, circled takes, and much more! Dailies also allow Producers and/or clients to review the footage with the DP’s intended look applied. And they help with efficiency; the colorist will receive a CDL containing the look chosen by the DP on set.


Data Management:

  • Camera RAW DATA backed up 3x and archived on LTO tape using the industry’s best practices
  • Instant Playback & QC of camera files


Dailies & Metadata

  • Sound sync for dual system sound
  • Apply scene, take, camera, circled takes, and more metadata to editorial and iPad review.
  • Output to all needed file formats for editorial, iPad / web review, and final mastering


Color Management                                                                                

  • Set looks with the DP in our theater or on set: they will transfer to the dailies with the use of LUTs and CDLs (on-set video playback, iPad, editorial, etc)
  • All of the dailies’ color decisions are carried forward to the final grade as metadata: used as a starting point for the color grade
  • Image science & color management are provided from set to final color


On-Set services:

  • Our systems are portable, modular, post-production systems that are configured to the exact needs of each individual production.
  • There are many options for choosing a dailies technician. We can train yours, you can choose from a database of DIT’s, or we can simply provide a dailies technician for you.
  • iPad on-set Live Color Grade & Video Playback


Near-Set services:

  • We Accept media 24/7
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Affordable pricing & fast turn-around with the same great services as On-Set


ROUSH Media Dailies Services will allow you to have more creative control

for the finishing of your project while saving you time and money.


Conform On-Line Editing & Finishing

Finish your film, documentary, or TV project at ROUSH Media utilizing DPX, TIFF files, HD tape, or RAW native camera formats, like RED’s R3D format. With our proprietary workflow systems, we bridge the desktop world with our high-end DI finishing systems. Final Cut Pro XML and Avid AAF project sequences are used to maintain the meta-data for an accurate and fast conform to the creator’s vision. Our skilled staff members demonstrate high attention to detail and the experience necessary to get it right the first time, passing even the most stringent QC standards.

Digital Image Restoration & Enhancement for DI (Grain, Texture & Detail)

Digital Vision’s Emmy award-winning PHAME motion estimation DVO algorithms are used for grain & camera sensor noise reduction in low light of pushed shots, sharpening of RAW images without side effects, or adding grain to adjust and match the texture of images. All these image processing algorithms are available as part of our unique DI process.

For projects using old archival footage or just in need of some image processing, our tools allow for some amazing restoration. These include: dust and dirt removal, scratch removal, removal of film flickering, film weaving, re-grain, and high quality uprezzing.