Digital Cinema Mastering

Digital Cinema Mastering DCP’s  for distributors, theatrical distribution to cinemas, festivals, & red carpet premieres.

When Mastered for Digital Cinema, your film will take the form of a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Your DCP is like a digital film print and is used for worldwide digital theatrical distribution. Your Digital Cinema Master can be created from any number of formats, such as HDCAM SR, QuickTime, and DPX, DCDM Tiff  files at 2k, 4k, & 3D stereoscopic files. Our colorists will manage the color space conversions necessary and apply the necessary LUTs to transfer your film from its source to DCI-compliant XYZ and QC the image in our theater. In addition, DCP’s can be encoded with encryption. When an encrypted DCP is finished we also generate Key Delivery Messages (KDM’s) which allow specific D-Cinema Servers to play your film for a specified amount of time. This is protects your film by keeping theaters from showing it without your permission.

From trailers to feature films, from one screen to hundreds, allow our Digital Cinema Mastering services to create the best quality experience for your audience so they see your film as you intended-on the big screen.

  • Format conversion from virtually any source material to Digital Cinema compliant SMPTE or InterOP DCP
  • 2K, 4K and 3D DCP’s
  • Highest quality colorspace conversion and encoding from source material to the DCI-mandated XYZ colorspace Jpeg 2000 DCP
  • Full QC of the DCP in a DCI compliant theater
  • Ship directly to Theaters with our CRU DCI compliant or our custom drive package with pelican case.
  • Full compliance with  the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences specifications for qualifying for an Academy Award.
  • Features, trailers, short films and alternative content can be mastered
  • KDM generation and management
  • Rush fast turnaround services can be done in as little as 1 day.

Send us a hard drive with your media and we will take care of the rest. With our rush fast turnaround services your DCP can be done in as little as 1 day.

Tech specs for material delivery