Digital Intermediate (DI) Color Grading

The DI color grading process is much more than just taking an image into a color corrector and changing it. Beyond simple color correction is DI color grading.  It is part art and part science. It takes a team of talented artists, engineers and scientists.  We have developed our color workflows to use both an ACES and our  proprietary scene referred color system. This is key to understanding what differentiates us. This is necessary for creating outstanding color across all viewing platforms, now and for the future.

At Roush Media, 4K DI is what we do. The process starts with the conform, including retimes, opticals, and color management. Then look development begins, followed by color enhancement, image texture, beauty work and more. Our services incorporate the latest technology and use of top creative talent to create stunning images. We develop the best image science processes through research and testing. The workflows we engineer are innovative and efficient while maintaining the highest quality in image fidelity.

We manage the image from on-set acquisition to theater delivery. We care about our clients and handle their projects as if they were our own. We are more than a typical post facility, but rather a post partner. At Roush Media we take color very seriously. So, if you want your film’s image to have impressive color–done right–we are your facility of choice. Your creative vision is our company mission. 

Some Key Roush Media differences

  • Artist-owned boutique that is not bottom-line focused, but rather client & project focused
  • Specialization in efficient, data centric, file-based camera workflows for DI finishing
  • Direct Access to your team of talented and friendly artists that are working on your project and not multiple levels of sales people
  • We use the best technology for the project at any price. No compromises!
  • An accessible staff & comfortable creative environment where you will not get lost, but can ask questions and collaborate with your team of artists
  • All Quality Control standards for calibration and engineering are met or exceeded (will your DI facility show you a calibration report done that day? We do.)
  • State-of-the-Art 4K Barco Projector in our DCI-compliant DI theater
  • Proprietary RAW Image workflow finishing techniques used for better image processing & enriched images
  • Use of ACES Color Science & a proprietary scene referred color system for Digital Intermediate
  • Digital Vision’s DVO noise & grain management, sharpening and  image processing included as part of the DI process.
  • In house Post Supervisor / DI Producer to keep project on time and on budget.
  • Unbeatable value
  • 20+  years and hundreds of projects of experience
  • The best guarantee in the industry–100% satisfaction or your money back