Mastering & Deliverables

When the editing, conform, Color and mastering of your film or television project is complete,  we will take care of the rest to deliver all the various versions, files, and tapes for your distributor/studio. What ever you needed just send us  your delivery schedule and we will give you a quote.

Save money, deal with less hassle. All our work is 100% guaranteed, and QC’ed


D-Cinema (DCP,DCDM)
DCP Distribution
Encoding, Transcoding & Mastering Files
High speed file transfers (Aspera)
Standards & format Conversions
Adaptoin & versioning
Technical Evaluations (QC)
LTO Archives
Tape Masters ( HDCAM SR )
DVD, Blu-Rays Disks
Pan & Scaning
Closed Caption & Subtitles, CCSL

Reel Compilations, Screener Versions, Cutdowns, Slates, Pulled Blacks, Audio Laybacks, and Changes to Credits