Keith Roush C.S.I.

CEO & Sr. Colorist

Keith Roush is a 2015 HPA-nominated award-winning Senior Colorist.  Many of Keith’s clients have been recipients of Oscars, Grammys and other awards. Recently, he colored graded a few films that have had great success and grossed more than $200+ million at the box office.  He has also worked with some of the industry’s top talent including Steven Spielberg. Keith has a passion for color grading beautiful images and knows his purpose in life is to help filmmakers make stunning films that make an impact.

As Founder & CEO of ROUSH Media, over the last 15 years Keith has pushed the creative and technological boundaries of DI post-production. He has pioneered more efficient and higher quality workflows with his command of image science, computer technology and workflow. In his pursuit to create a better experience for the audience, he is currently working on 4K HDR and HFR projects along with the creation of stunning images for films.

He has had a broad and varied experience over his career.  He has color graded and depth balanced stereoscopic 3D projects for some of the best in the industry, performed digital restoration in 4K on a 1950’s Technicolor studio feature, worked developing and printing film in dark rooms, worked on set for Super Bowl commercials, music videos and films, and done Photoshop retouching and graphic design for fashion and print clients.

Having done the finishing, color grading, and mastering on thousands of music videos, commercials, TV shows, feature films, and documentaries, Keith brings his experience and passion for high quality post-production to your project.