Nicole Garcia


Nicole is the Digital Intermediate Colorist at ROUSH Media. She has been part of our team since 2010. A graduate from the University of Texas at Austin’s TV & Film program. At a young age Nicole had a strong interest in photography which led her to venture into the world of graphic arts and filmmaking. While in film school Nicole’s focus was driven towards directing and cinematography. She started shooting and directing short films with fellow colleagues. With a desire to make the films she shot look more impactful, she started experimenting with After Effects, Color Room and Apple Color. With a keen eye and a love for color grading she headed out to California where she joined our creative team at ROUSH. It was here that she got her start working with Nucoda’s Film Master, DaVinci Resolve and took on the role as the Digital Intermediate Assistant conforming numerous projects. As an up-and-coming Colorist Nicole has graded on many of our films and enjoys the company of clients in color sessions and feels that adding color to films is a strong way to evoke the emotion.