Executive Producer
Schy Gleason brings his fifteen plus years of post-production success to Roush Media. Schy’s real world experience in major films and top television shows gives him in-depth knowledge of the entire process. “Roush Media is quality-focused and on the technological forefront of the media industry,” says Schy Gleason. “As Executive Producer at Roush Media, I’m excited to help people get the most out of their vision with the color, finish, DI, and deliverables needs that are done here.”

Storytelling through feature film, documentaries, broadcast, and cable are all in Schy’s history and now with Roush Media, he’s helping others with their projects. “The new capture and delivery of those projects have made it easier and more complicated at the same time. I bring my hands-on experience to your project to push the quality as far as we can and let you create your vision.”

Passion and experience in the movie and television industry are what Schy Gleason bring to the storytelling process. Bringing visual projects to the next level through color and finishing have been what Schy has been involved in for clients such as Lionsgate, Sony, NBC, ABC, Warner Brothers, Discovery, History, ESPN, PBS, ABC Fox, Sony, and the Disney Channel. He has also supported many other production and post-production needs in LA and across the country.

Schy’s unique value to his film and video clients springs from his far-reaching proficiencies and experience in production and post-production.  His mastery of industry-standard software frequently comes into play when problem-solving with clients. “As our industry and the technology behind it evolve rapidly, I stay abreast of that evolution, yet grounded in the fundamentals of a good story. It’s the best way I can help my post-production clients have the best experience.”

Today’s storytelling through film are big vision and intimate detail in one product. Schy’s history in production and post-production are here to help people bring their project to their audiences.